The First Place to Touch Enderby Island
The First Place to Touch Enderby Island

The First Place to Touch Enderby Island

Anna Dalzell

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In February 2021 Anna Dalzell spent 17 days on board the Spirit of Enderby on an artist’s voyage to the Subantarctic Islands.

This body of work is her response to the journey.

“I love this isolation so much it scares me. I think of these islands, their majesty, the wilds, the extreme nature and abundance of life they cradle. This is an absolutely stunning natural world, so invigorating, so healing, everything one could ever desire in seeing such places.

The islands possess a spiritual magic, a magic almost surreal in splendour. There is an energy that as humans we have almost lost the ability to feel.”


Work Dimensions: 62mm diameter 


Artwork Details

Title: The First Place to Touch Enderby Island
Artist: Anna Dalzell
Date: 2021/2022
Medium: oil on glass in silver frame
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