Speckled Double Vision III
Speckled Double Vision III

Speckled Double Vision III

Anthea Birch

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Anthea has an Honours degree in Ceramic Design from Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London and I has been exhibiting since 1995. Anthea makes ceramic vessels and sculptural forms, mostly in porcelain.

Environmental concerns and the process of working with clay are her inspiration. Thinking about how to challenge the traditional concepts and the process of getting to a finished form.  Anthea enjoys exploring different techniques such as painting forms or adding to the surface with other materials that maybe aren't considered a natural choice. The blending of multiple techniques also interests her and she likes to move between casting and hand-building.

Image Dimensions: 255mm D x 90mm H

Note: As this work is part of the Pieces exhibition it will not be available for collection, or shipped, until Monday December 11th.

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Title: Speckled Double Vision III
Artist: Anthea Birch
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