NZ Artbroker offers sale via a fixed price listing. All works listed are offered exclusively to our members for a 7-day period prior to full release.

Works are only available for purchase to buyers who are either subscribed NZ Artbroker members, or are registered with us.

Once sold, we notify you immediately cleared funds are deposited, then release these funds once the buyer has confirmed the work has been received and is without defect.




Your commission includes provision and delivery of all packaging materials. NZ Artbroker coordinates the delivery of these to you, then ongoing freight to the buyer once the work is packed and ready for collection.

List A Work

Connect with us, we will value and list your work. To list a work we require you to register or join our membership programme.

Once we receive your completed listing form and photograph(s) we will assess your work and supply you with a current market valuation, suggested listing price and commission payable.

Alternatively you can forward the work to us and we will take care of everything, at no extra cost. We then ask you to pay your listing fee, and view and accept our contact terms. We list the work for you and manage the sale.


Photographs must be a minimum of 3 megapixels. Ensure the photos you forward are accurate in their representation of:

  • the colour of the work
  • the framing
  • any faults or imperfections