New work from W A Sutton & Gerard Ettema

Art on Sunday! New work going LIVE tonight: a watercolour from W A Sutton – the first time this work has appeared on the market; and four watercolours from Dutch artist Gerard Ettema.


William A Sutton

This is the first time this stunning work has been presented to the market. The providence of this work is that it was gifted by Sutton. This is one of the last works Sutton painted prior to his departure to study in the UK in 1947.

Sutton spent much time over many years in the Arthurs Pass/Bealey area of the Southern Alps. The works he completed while staying there is totally evocative of the unique atmosphere in the hills and mountains and almost theatricalness of the weather. He, along with his contemporary Rita Angus, have been in part credited with developing a new distinctive interpretation of the Canterbury landscape. This is characterised by the clear and hard light and the brooding isolation of the land.


Gerard Ettema

Dutch landscape artist Gerard Ettema regularly visited his daughter in New Zealand. In 1985 he held his first NZ exhibition at COCA, a collection of watercolours painted during his visit.

Ettema is widely known in Holland for his portraits and still lifes, and his empathy with the Dutch landscape and climate has made him a landscape painter of stature. He uses many different techniques: oil, watercolour, charcoal and pen.