New work from Maurice Askew & Sally Burton

Art on Sunday! New work going LIVE tonight: two watercolour scenes from Maurice Askew; and a large work on tapa cloth by Sally Burton.


Maurice Askew (1921-)

Maurice Askew immigrated to New Zealand in 1962 to set up the newly established Graphic Design Department at Canterbury University. He spent many years teaching there influencing the work of many students. Born in England Askew served as a bomber flight engineer in the second world war. His plane was shot down and he was caught by German troops and spent the last year of the war as a POW. On return to England, he trained as a graphic designer spending time working at Granada Studio on the set of Coronation St.

Throughout his career, he had continued his interest in watercolour painting. He painted the world around him. It is the naïve quality of these works and his unique colour pallet that give these works strength.

Sally Burton (1948-)

Nelson-based painter Sally Burton has been exhibiting widely throughout News Zealand since 1981. She is a graduate of Canterbury University School of Fine Arts. This work for sale is part of a recent series of works inspired by circular vessels. Burton places these vessels in space to create illusion and mystery. Here she paints on Tapa cloth which adds a rich organic texture to the work.