New work from Martin Whitworth, Stephen Lowndes, Piera McArthur & more

Art on Sunday! New work going LIVE tonight: a bumper selection of including a charming portrait from Mark Olsen; a mixed media work from Martin Whitworth; two figurative studies from Elizabeth Haddad; a lovely canvas from Mark Wooller; and another from Stephen Lowndes; and two big and bold canvases from Piera McArthur.

Mark Olsen

Mark Olsen is described as an expressive portrait painter. His subjects are often quite quirky characters which he accentuates through novel and textured detail in their clothing. He is based in Auckland.

Elizabeth Haddad

Elizabeth Haddad is an Australian based artist . Her work is largely abstracted figurative painting.

Martin Whitworth

A draughtsman. A colourist, a skilful craftsman and an accomplished artist – since graduating from the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts in 1983 Whitworth has used paint and pencil on paper and canvas to build an arts practice that is as succinct at it is atmospheric. He uses minimal lines and an often restricted pallet to present a strongly suggestive narrative from figurative detail, flat zones of colour and sometimes collage.

Mark Wooller

Lives north of Auckland. He has been exhibiting his work since 1988 . He is highly skilled artist, recognised for his attention to detail. In fact, the very fine detail has become a recognisable feature in his recent work with very fine brush work creating realistic portrayals of both objects and flora and fauna.

Stephen Lowndes

Lowndes has a B.A Honours in Visual Communication from Bath University in the UK. He also has post graduate diplomas in Visual Arts and Museum Studies. He has combined his art practice with a career in local government in Canterbury. His interest are vast, and these come through with the different themes in his paintings over the years. Lowndes lives in Akaroa.

Piera McArthur (1929 -)

One of New Zealand’s foremost contemporary artists, Piera’s work is known for its ‘joie-de-vivre’ and for the people, movement and excitement. Piera lived and worked for many years in Paris and she was the first New Zealander to have a solo show at the New Tretyakov Gallery in Russia.