New work from Jessica Ritchie, Hannah Kidd, Alan Pearson & Lois McIvor


Art on Sunday! New work going LIVE tonight: a mixed media and three dimensional panel from emerging artist, Jessica Ritchie; a jubilant sculpture from master metal worker, Hannah Kidd; a figurative study from Alan Pearson; and a landscape from Lois McIvor.

Jessica Ritchie

Dunedin based Jessica Ritchie completed a Master of Fine Arts (Distinction) at Dunedin Art School. Ritchie creates fluid abstract work using both paint and found objects . Light and space are created in the work through the juxtaposition of often bright clashing colour which she admits can be both beautiful and grotesque.

Hannah Kidd

The appeal of her sculpture is in the first instance, their familiarity. Kidd takes inspiration from everyday New Zealand life, working dogs, hanging out the washing, life at the beach etc. She crafts her work in her Methven studio welding corrugated iron and steel. Her ability to get to the essence of the subject is unique. Kidd’s intelligence and humour are very obviously part of her creative process.

Kidd graduated from Otago Polytechnic School of Art in 2001. She has quickly risen to critical acclaim with her unique and distinctive work exhibited both in New Zealand and internationally. She has also won awards in both Australia and New Zealand including the Montalto Sculpture Award, Australia and the Sculpture on the Peninsula Award, New Zealand. She is widely recognised as being one of the country’s foremost young sculptors.

Lois McIvor (1930 – 2017 )

Lois McIvor studied at the Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University. Later she was mentored by Colin McCahon. She was predominantly a landscape painter, often using glowing pastel colours. Her work was inspired by the area where she lived in Manukau Harbour and Titirangi. Her work is held in public and private collections in New Zealand.