New work from J C Hoyte, Denise Copland & William Menzies Gibb

Art on Sunday! New work going LIVE tonight: two landscape watercolours – one from John Barr Clark Hotye and one from William Menzies Gibb; and an etching from Denise Copland.

John Barr Clark Hoyte (1835 -1913)

John Hoyte immigrated to New Zealand with his wife Rose in 1860. They spent the next sixteen years here with Hoyte working as a customs clerk, teacher and private art tutor. His career as a painter developed and he travelled extensively around New Zealand and also began to play a prominent role in the Auckland art world. The family spent time living in both Nelson and Dunedin before moving to Sydney where he died in 1935.

Little is known of what formal training he may have had in England. The beauty and proficiency of his watercolours is highly recognised. His work is held in the collections of most major New Zealand galleries.

Denise Copland

Dunedin born artist, Denise Copland, is highly regarded as a master printmaker, and has been awarded several prestigious awards including an Antarctic Arts Fellowship in 2001-2002. Her work explores human ecology, with humanity’s historical and contemporary notions of survival.

William Menzies Gibb (1859-1931)

William Menzies Gibb, son of artist John Gibb, was born in Scotland. He arrived in Canterbury with his parents in 1876, before leaving for Melbourne to study at the National Gallery of Victoria School.

Working in his studio and plein air he painted in a traditional style the landscapes of the Canterbury region. He is noted for his better works which capture the atmosphere and climate of that region.

He was one of the most notable landscape painters of New Zealand.