New work from Gavin Chilcott, Jason Greig, Marian Maguire & Rodney Fumpston

Art on Sunday! New work going LIVE tonight: an abstract print from Gavin Chilcott; a brooding etching from Jason Greig; a lithograph from Marian Maguire; and a still life from Rodney Fumpston.

Gavin Chilcott (1950-) 

Auckland born artist, Gavin Chilcott, has worked in a variety of media over the years and explored many art forms. As well as painting, drawing and printmaking Chilcott has been involved in designs for furniture, rugs and ceramics. He enjoyed working in collaboration with other artists, believing painting should come directly from life’s experiences and one’s personal responses, “the mainstream and latest trends be damned”.

Rodney Fumpston (1947 -)

Fijian born artist, Rodney Fumpston, is a prolific printmaker. His subject matter ranges from Pacific themes to details of the New Zealand fern, exploring a sense of place, the exoticism of foreign travel and his relationship with the natural world.

Jason Greig

Jason Greig studied printmaking under Barry Cleavin and Denise Copland at the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts in the early 1980s. Greig is considered one of NZ’s most significant contemporary printmakers, encompassing lithography, etching and monoprints, and is known for his shadowy prints and grim characters, with a sinister, gothic edge.

Marian Maguire (1965–)

Marian Maguire is a New Zealand artist who has become known for her lithographs and etchings that combine imagery from Greek vase painting with New Zealand colonial history. Her early work looked at emblematic architectural images, with gates, archways, bridges, architectural plans and imaginary travelling.