New work from Derrick Greaves, Neal Palmer, Lisa Ferguson & more

Art on Sunday! New work going LIVE tonight: a pair of works based on floral arrangements – one from Derrick Greaves and another from Dick Frizzell; a large flora study from Neal Palmer; a still life from realist painter, Peter Miller; and a pair of large expressive works from Lisa Ferguson.

Dick Frizzell MNZM (1943-)

Dick Frizzell is one of New Zealand’s most successful and high profile contemporary artists. Frizzell studied art at the Canterbury School of Arts from 1960-1964 and was employed in advertising before moving to Auckland to lecture at Elam School of Fine Arts. Frizzell’s kitsch and often cartoon-like paintings and prints, has created some of this country’s most iconic imagery.

Neal Palmer (1968-)

London born; Palmer completed a BA Hons in Fine Art at Trent University. His career has taken different paths from prop and scenic artist in film and TV to puppet coordinator. In 1998 he moved with his wife to live in New Zealand. On arrival he refocused on painting inspired by the visual language and natural environment of his adopted new home. His work uses the illusion of a photographic depth of field to create visual tension. The paint is vibrant yet realistic in tone. His best-known works are his series of flax paintings.

Peter Miller (1955-)

While at art school tutor showed Miller a book on still life painting that included a chapter on the Dutch Vanitas painters. The work of the Vanitas period used strong symbolism in the paintings in an attempt to bring people’s awareness back to human mortality and the transient nature of existence. This provides the foundation and inspiration for Miller’s painting. He chooses simple everyday objects, cups, bowls and toy cars, placing them in uncluttered backgrounds using the background and shadows to convey a tension within the painting.

Lisa Ferguson

Lisa Ferguson is a contemporary New Zealand artist. She creates larger works layering up vibrant colours that create a sense of immediacy and energy in each work.