New work from Bronwyn Taylor & William Menzies Gibb

Art on Sunday! New work going LIVE tonight: a drawing from Bronwyn Taylor; and a landscape from William Menzies Gibb.


Bronwyn Taylor

Bronwyn Taylor has been working in the area or art education since 1972. She has had roles focusing on the development of curriculum development and assessment at both secondary and tertiary levels. Currently, she lectures in sculpture at the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts.

In her art practice, she is highly regarded for her skilled and evocative drawings along with her sculptural creations. Taylor’s work is held in many public and private collections throughout New Zealand.


William Menzies Gibb (1859-1931) 

William Menzies Gibb, son of artist John Gibb, was born in Scotland. He arrived in Canterbury with his parents in 1876, before leaving for Melbourne to study at the National Gallery of Victoria School.

Working in his studio and plein air he painted in a traditional style the landscapes of the Canterbury region. He is noted for his better works which capture the atmosphere and climate of that region.

He was one of the most notable landscape painters of New Zealand.