New work from Bill Hammond, Trevor Moffitt, Liam Barr & more!

Art on Sunday! We have new listings going LIVE tonight: a fascinating early work by Bill Hammond; a charming work from Trevor Moffitt; two prints from Fatu Feu’u; a mixed media piece from Darryl Frost; a print from iconic kiwi image-maker, Dick Frizzell; and an original canvas from Liam Barr.


Bill Hammond (1947-)

Lyttleton artist Bill Hammond is one of New Zealand’s most influential contemporary artists. He attended Canterbury University School of Fine Arts.

Darryl Frost

Nelson-based artist Darryl Frost is primarily a ceramic artist, but he also explores a tactile and intuitive response to nature through his large scale media works.

Trevor Moffitt (1936–2006)

Moffitt graduated from the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts in 1959. Moffitt was New Zealand’s leading narrative painters. Moffitt’s expressionist paintings reveal the lives and stories of ordinary working people and strike a familiar note with every New Zealander.

 Fatu Feu’u ONZM (1946 – )

Fatu Feu’u is a renowned Samoan artist, acknowledged as both a leader and mentor within the Pacific arts community. Feu’u’s work is inspired by Polynesian art forms such as siapo (tapa cloth), tatau (tattoo), his works are frequently a blend of a traditional and contemporary lexicon of motifs.

 Liam Barr (1966 – )

Scottish born artist Liam Barr immigrated to NZ in 1974. Barr’s work constructs meticulous scenes, layered with detail and symbolism and iconography, exploring folklore and surrealism.

 Dick Frizzell MNZM (1943-)

Dick Frizzell is one of New Zealand’s most successful and high profile contemporary artists. Frizzell studied art at the Canterbury School of Arts from 1960-1964 and was employed in advertising before moving to Auckland to lecture at Elam School of Fine Arts. Frizzell’s kitsch and often cartoon-like paintings and prints, has created some of this country’s most iconic imagery.