Martin Whitworth

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Extract from a review by Justin Paton on a Martin Whitworth show that appeared in Art New Zealand.

“An irregular exhibitor, known but not well known, Martin Whitworth is one of those painters who labours away in that no-man’s-land between dealer gallery prominence and art obscurity. If you are looking for maximalism with a capital ‘M’, he’s the man. Formally and emotionally his art throngs. Boasting enough chewy ideas to keep you thinking long after leaving the gallery space and more sheer graphic skill than most painters could shake a brush at, Whitworth’s paintings are cram-packed with jarring leaps between modelled forms, flat zones of colour, collage elements, even sculpture: nails pierce the surface, wire is used as a kind of sculptural drawing, and these athletic deconstructions of the painted surface are played off against breathtaking precises, pianissimo-delicate draughtsmanship. No one note minimalism, Whitworth gives it heaps, and his innovations seem to spring not from some art-mag borrowing but rather a desire to make his art do more.”

Image Dimensions:  1025mm W x 815mm H

Framing: Framed

Framed Dimensions:  1280mm W x 1090mm H

Artwork Details

Title: Untitled
Artist: Martin Whitworth
Medium: Mixed media on paper
Category: Home page, View Art,
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